Organise and
transform your
operations management

The Wings change program offers a world-class hand-holding and up to 50% discount on pricing to help you build your operations management using LeanOMS.

A Pragmatic Change Program

Up to 50% discount on all LeanOMS products, consulting services and training services for 24 months.


One-to-One meetings on building the best operations management for your business using LeanOMS.

Incremental adoption

We guide your operations team to progress incrementally; To ensure the operational change is organic and permanent.


Technical support to get the best from our products.


Personalised LeanOMS user training.


The opportunity to focus on building your business – not your operations management system.

Our Approach
Operations Study

We'll conduct a comprehensive study of your operations, interact with key stakeholders, evaluate current software tools and systems, map your processes & workflows to suggest optimal number of changes to facilitate LeanOMS implementation.

Successful migration

We'll stay connected and guide your team to ensure successful migration to LeanOMS. We closely monitor each step to ensure LeanOMS is implemented as expected.

Tuning and Optimization

After the implementation of LeanOMS, we can help identify bottlenecks in your operations and tune your LeanOMS configuration to enhance efficiency and productivity of your operations.

LeanOMS Training

LeanOMS user training can improve business outcomes and provide a great return on your investment for your business.

Wings FAQ
Why did Rignova launch the Wings Change Program?
Based on our 15+ years of working with businesses, we are aware that operations management change can be extremely difficult. However, with the right approach, pricing and technology, the expected change becomes a possibility to realise. To resonate our mission of supporting business operations around the globe we needed a personalised approach. "Wings" change program is designed to organise and scale your operations management without affecting your current commitments.
What does Rignova actually do?
In short, Rignova makes a comprehensive study on your operations to configure and setup LeanOMS and the processes needed for them to operate so simple that your employees would love to work with it on daily basis.

In a way, you could think of us as designers of your business management. The entire process would be simple and transparent, so you keep control on your existing commitments.

But while we make it simple to set up your LeanOMS, it’s what you do with it next that’s where the awesome happens.
How can I apply to the program?
You can fill in our sales form here.
What are the eligibility criteria?
To be eligible to apply to Wings change program, you need:
1. Business registration proof
2. A Single Point of Contact for all communication between Rignova and your business
What is the application process and timeline?
Applications are accepted and considered continually, with new businesses onboarded each month. Once you apply, please give us 14 days to review your application and, if needed, get back to you with any additional questions.

Newly accepted businesses join the program on the first Monday of every month.

Please note that Rignova reserves the right to change the schedule as necessary.
Up to 50% discount? How it works?
Yes, seriously! You can use the change program discount for 24 months to purchase the product licence, consulting services and user training services that you need to build a modern operations management system.

Using the discount, you could modernize your purchase department or the entire operations. And, enjoy the benefits on your software budget for 2 full years.

Business Classification Turnover
Applicable discount
Micro Less than INR 5 crore 50%
Small Less than INR 50 crore 40%
Medium Less than INR 250 crore 30%
Large Greater than INR 250 crore 10%
How can I apply for this program if I own more than one business?
Every business requires an application to the program. i.e. you need to apply separately for every business you own.